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My HiFi Blog

I am not a dealer, just a music lover who wish to share some of my personal collection with my fellow audiophile friends! 

Take a look at my blog and have fun! :)

My Current Home Setup


Looking For :

1) Marantz 1300DC local voltage

2) Luxman C-1000  local voltage

3) Accuphase T100 local voltage

4) Accuphase P500 local Voltage

5) Cable Talk, Talk 2 speaker cable, 2.5m pair

6) Cable Talk, Talk 4 speaker cable, 2.5m pair

Kindly text me via WhatsApp/SMS @ 97338003 if you have one to offer.



For Sale : WhatsApp/SMS 97338003

1) Lenco L78 Plinth

Selling a very good condition Lenco L78 Plinth @ $230

Without cover. Near mint condition.

Interested please WhatsApp/SMS 97338003

2) Lenco L75 Plinth

Selling a very good condition Lenco L75 Plinth @ $230

Very rare with slot-in tinted cover 

Interested please WhatsApp/sms 97338003

3) Carot One Ernestolo Audiophile Class D Tube Amplifier

Small amp with nice sound and good power to drive most speakers

New was $800 from AV One, I am its 1st owner. Warranty's over, selling at $380 only.

Used less than 10 hours, as I am more into vintage gears. It was kept in the box ever since, full set, condition is 9.99/10.

Interested, please text 97338003 via WhatsApp/SMS only.

Thanks for viewing smiley 



Items Pending :

1) Marantz 2238B Receiver

Rare vintage Marantz 2238B, one of the best sounding receiver around. This is a highly collectable vintage, which is rarely available on resale market.

I am considering to let go due to lack of space. I will post it up, once I decide to sell.

2) Ruark Talisman Speaker

Bi-wire, true British sound unlike those current British speakers.

Made in England

Rare in Singapore. Very nice sounding speakers, which I am very reluctant to part with. However, due to lack of space and pressure from CEO...still considering what to do with this beauty.

I shall post this up if I finally decide to sell.



Sold Items :



1) Jadis DA30 sold to a nice gentleman.

2) Musical Fidelity DAC & PSU sold to another nice gentleman.

3) Shuguang 845 tubes sold to Mr Kee.

4) Choseal 99.99% OFC Audiophile Speaker Cable (All Fully Sold)

5) Ecstasy Prop Footers (All Fully Sold)

Thank you guys for your interest!